"I am so thankful"

My 16 year old daughter and I were introduced to Jeffrey Bomes while he was working at Holistique Medical Center in Bellevue, WA where my daughter was undergoing treatment for Lyme's disease. While still being treated for Lyme she sustained a volleyball related knee injury and was scheduled for surgery.  Her naturopathic doctor suggested that we try a couple alternative therapies that might alleviate the need for surgery, rolf work being one.  After treatment from Jeffrey my daughter decided to cancel the surgery, and has been feeling better continuously for the last six months.  Additionally, her body responded so well to Jeffrey's treatment that one of her most severe side effects from Lyme (dizziness) slowly disappeared.  Her posture changed, and several months later when she started playing volleyball again, her body worked more smoothly and fluidly. I am so thankful that we met him when we did, he changed her life.

Sandy Phillips


"Different to Anything Else I've Had Before"

After a chance encounter with Jeffrey at Chiva Som, my life has completely changed. Not only am I now (pretty much) pain-free, but I was so impressed with the results, I decided to go and train as a practitioner myself.  I am now based in the UK, but try to see him as often as is feasible, given it involves flying to Bali or Seattle!

As a frame of reference, nothing was ‘wrong’ with me, per se, but years of competitive tennis and ski training had taken their toll. That, plus I had a crazy stressful job in London, which simply punished my system further.  I spent a lot of time (and money) searching for some treatment, any treatment, that would ‘fix’ things, make me feel better, and allow me to return to the sports I loved. It was a long, fruitless and expensive task, with nothing really producing long-term changes.  My consumption of ibuprofen was daily. I was pretty much at breaking point, when I decided to quit the job and check into a health spa. 

I knew just after one session that Structural Integration was different to anything else I've had before, and that I wanted - needed - more.  It took me a while, and several long haul flights, to complete my first ten series, but after that I have never looked back.  I no longer take any pain medication of any kind (and haven’t done for years) and instinctively know that the work that Jeffrey does is good for my body.  Not only have I been able to return to tennis and golf, I feel stronger and am able to hit the ball further and faster than I did before.  I can also ski with the confidence that nothing is going to ‘snap’ - at least not as a result of an imbalanced body!

Anna Collins  Certified Advanced  Structural Integration Practitioner


"Thorough Restoration of the Human Body"

Jeffrey Bomes is one of the best body workers I have ever encountered, akin to a master mechanic who restores old cars to perfect working order, retuning all the moving parts so that the whole vehicle runs smoothly again.  Combining his firm foundation in Rolf work with his long experience in various traditional Asian modes of physiotherapy and his extensive knowledge of human anatomy, Jeffrey gets to the heart of the matter in each individual case he handles, pin-pointing the root source of imbalance in each person's body and correcting it in a systematic way that has long lasting benefits.  Working deeply into the joints, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues, including the all-important fascia that most physiotherapists neglect, he orchestrates a thorough restoration of the human body into a state of functional balance and harmony that promotes the health and longevity of the whole system. I recommend his work without reservation.

Daniel Reid   Author of The Tao of Health, Sex, &Longevity.  The Tao of Detox, The Essence of Chi Gung, Ect.                                                        


"Posture, Functionality and Sense of Well Being"

I've been enjoying and appreciating the work of Jeffery Bomes since 2003. Though there's been a fourteen year gap since I saw him in 2003 and my current half finished 10 session series begun about 2 months ago, I can say with all certainty that Jeff is the Real Deal. I have a significant scoliosis and with each session I feel a marked improvement in both my posture as well as in my functionality and most importantly, in my sense of well being. As a 20 year practitioner of Structural Integration myself, I have had the hands of many of the "greats" on my body (many of Dr. Rolf's personal students) from the likes of my instructors Emmett Hutchins, Peter Melchior, and Neal Powers, to Louis Shultz, Rosemary Feitis, Andy Crow, Michael Salveson, and so on- All rockstars of structural integration in their own right. Jeff is right up with the best of them. His heart is open and giving, his intention clear and true. I give my highest recommendation without reservation. I look forward with anticipation to my next session!

Manny Aragon  Certified Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner 


“He Changed My Life Forever”

Jeffrey is a true master! He changed my life forever.
I am 24 now, I had a bad dirt bike accident when I was 14, this accident has plagued me for the past 10 years. About a year ago, my back had become so bad I could barely walk, I was hardly able to take my dog out to do his business. Through only massage Jeffrey has been able to give me my life back. I could go into the scoliosis I had developed, and how he has been able to correct it, so many thing a three sentence blurb can’t capture. All I can say is I feel blessed to have found this amazing person.

Paris Arteaga Oakland CA

"A Fantastic Practitioner"

As a rolf practitioner myself (have received the work for 40 years, and practiced for 20) there's a very short list of people that I seek out to work on me, and Jeffrey Bomes is firmly in the top spots on that list.  Jeffrey is wonderful person, and a fantastic practitioner.  He is deeply & sincerely committed to his craft, and his work is laser focused and powerful.  You can feel Jeffrey's dedication to the original and powerful art of structural integration in his hands, elbows and attitude.  I first met Jeff not long after he had trained about 19 years ago, and he was a great body worker even then.  In the meantime he's had a practice in Bali for over a decade, and he also lived in Kauai for several years, so he could practice with the now deceased great master of Structural Integration,  Emmett Hutchins, who Dr. Rolf charged on her death bed with continuing to carry forth her work into the world undiluted and unchanged.  Emmet was very fond of Jeffrey from the day they first met, and held Jeffrey in the highest esteem, as do I.  If you want to know what Rolf's structural integration is really about, you need look no further:  Jeff delivers the goods every session.  Go see him today, you will be  happy you did.  

John Baier  Certified Structural Integration Practitioner


"A Talented Rolf Practitioner"

Jeffrey Bomes is a talented Rolf practitioner.  I am not just endorsing a friend but as someone who has traveled the world and has experienced over 21 different rolf practitioners.  Jeffrey has an innate touch which creates change with his clients.  I can feel and hear my body change as he works on me.  I was aware of how my body felt before and after the sessions. Thank you for the 10 sessions series you gave me.  You opened my eyes to new possibilities.

Joshua Molle    Certified Structural Integration Practitioner


"Changed My Life"

Jeff Bomes literally changed my life. He straightened my posture, relieved my pain, and now I sleep through the night with no back stiffness for the first time in 10 years. Highly recommended!

Adam Winkler  Law Professor UCLA


"Allowed Me to Finally Permanently Heal"

Jeffrey is AMAZING! For ten years I had experienced chronic myofascial pain, but Structural Integration allowed me to finally permanently heal. Traditional doctors offered little understanding, so I was beyond excited when Jeffrey told me "I can fix this!" I've recommended Jeffrey to all my family members. Jeffrey has even helped me navigate through extra sensitive Lyme flare-ups; his gift is truly remarkable.  I began sessions in December 2016 in Washington, and now travel to So Cal to continue the work with Jeffrey. My progress has been miraculous!

Bailey Routh


"Immediate Relief"

Introduced to Jeffrey by a friend who said he could help my herniated disc & rotator cuff. I started a series of Rolf treatments & had immediate relief & he continued explaining the healing process & I only got even better. No physical therapy or massages ever helped my flexibility or relieve my discomfort as Jeffrey Bomes did.

Stuart Griffen


"Feel the Difference"

My lower back is herniated at L5-S1 and I have been treated by chriopractors, spinal decompression specialists and acupuncturists for over two years with absolutely no results. The amount of time and money I wasted is ridiculous.  However, the moment I visited Jeff I immediately could feel the difference.  Each session is better than the last. I'm well on my climb out of pain and he is allowing my body to relax so it can heal itself. Soon I will be able to live my life freely and not be held back by pain thanks to Jeff.

Pascal Combes-Knoke


"My Whole Body Changed"

After years of knee pain, I was scheduled for knee surgery.  I was recommended to Jeffrey Bomes.  I had 3 sessions the first time we met as that was all the time we had.  Then I did the complete 10 series the following year.  After the 10 sessions, my whole body changed, I no longer have knee pain, and of course did not need surgery.  

Cherie Blair   England


"There's Really Nothing Else Like What Jeffrey Does"

There's really nothing else like what Jeffrey does. I have had some great sports massage and body work but it always focused on just my back and neck and weeks later the pain and tightness would return. But with Jeffrey, I truly feel like my body is completely changing and every joint in my body seems to move smoother and easier. I have had nine sessions with Jeffrey and the change is remarkable. On top of that he's just a great guy to go see every week. I could not give a higher recommendation.

Jeremy Thurswell  


"He has FIXED my Chronic Problems and has Effected the Most Change of any I've Seen".   

Jeffrey has worked on me numerous times and I'm finishing up a series of 10.    I've known about Structural Integration for the last 8 years, and seen probably 8 or 9 around the world.   Jeffrey is the real deal and hands down the best practitioner I've encountered and worked with.   This means he has FIXED my chronic problems and has effected the most change of any I've seen.   
   At this time, I would say he's the best in the world (that I have worked with), and this includes some "Legend" SI practitioners I have seen in and outside the US.
  You'll look back to the day you discovered Jeffrey and be very thankful.  He'll be happy to humbly change your life!   Despite urban legend, you don't have to feel pain to get this work.

Jonathan P.   San Pedro


"This has Been Life Changing and the Only Real Relief to Chronic Pain that I Have Ever Experienced".

Caylee Sacks


"These Past 10 Sessions Have Changed my LIfe"

I am so fortunate to have found Jeffrey. These past 10 sessions have changed my life!!  My well being, my physical health, my mental health all things. He has a definite passion for his work and helping people to their full potential! Thank You so much Jeffrey.

Jon Mayer


"Decreased my Frustration Patterns and Anger"

Jeffrey's work has improved my circulation, increased my mood, decreased my frustration patterns and anger.  After 10 years of searching through many modalities of healing experiences (neurobiofeedback, emdr, medication, massage, acupuncture, etc),  Jeffrey has been my answer.   He is knowledgeable, intuitive and professional.

Charlie Jinkles

“Changed my posture and my strength. Very important process and Jeffrey makes it fun”!

Doug Mark Los Angeles