Jeffrey's practice is referred to as “structural integration,” which is the general term for Dr. Rolf’s work.  The words Rolfing, Rolfer and Rolf Institute are all service marks of The Rolf Institute of which Jeffrey is not a member.  Therefore, Jeffrey does not technically refer to his practice as Rolfing or his practice as being a Rolfer.

The Guild for Structural Integration

Dr. Rolf's original teachings have been passed down to many students including Emmett Hutchins and Peter Melchior who were Dr. Rolf's first two appointed teachers that went on to start the Guild for Structural Integration at the request of Dr Rolf.  Upon attending The Guild for Structural Integration, Jeffrey developed a close relationship with Emmett Hutchins both professionally and personally and moved to Kauai Hawaii in 2001 to be closer to Emmett, finding his style of structural integration to be in a class of its own.  While both the Guild for Structural Integration and The Rolf Institute grew from direct practitioners of Dr. Rolf's teachings, only members of the Rolf institute term themselves as Rolfers and their practice as Rolfing.

Training and Experience

On Kauaii, Jeffrey did his Advanced training with both Emmett and Peter in 2002 and again in 2004.  One of the biggest contributions to Jeffrey's work is having had over 60 sessions in the past 20 years with his teacher and mentor, Emmett.  It helped Jeffrey understand how he thought and how he worked to get the kind of change he did. 

Jeffrey made it a point to visit and have sessions with as many highly-regarded Dr. Rolf trained practitioners as he could including: Jan Sultan,  Andy Crow,  Neil Powers,  Ron McComb, Caroline Whidmer,  Peter Melchior and Michael Salvelson .  While living in Bali, Jeffrey received countless sessions from Pak Circus for over 15 years, a remarkable Balinese healer which Jeffrey incorporates into his sessions.

Jeffrey has worked in private practice since 1998.  In Bali since 2002.   At Chiva Som International Health Resort and Como Shambhala International Health Resort.  Worked with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  Dr. Darvish at Holsitique Medical.  He can now be found in Los Angeles and occasionally returns to Bali.   Jeffrey has worked with health specialists, yoga teachers and athletes from all around the world including world champion athletes.   Natascha Rogosina, 9 time world champion boxer.  Andy Irons, 3 time world champion surfer and his legendary brother Bruce Irons.  Sunny Garcia, world champion Surfer.  Terje Hakonsen, the Norwegian world champion Snowboarder who dominated free style competition in the 1990's.  Jefferey works on very young children, the elderly and everyone in-between.